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Birds banded in Colombia captured in North America

30 November, 2007


Wednesday 5 December 2007.

After four years of ringing, the Migratory Bird Monitoring and Conservation Program informs the first captures of specimens ringed by this program in Colombia.


The recaptured Rose-breasted Grosbeak.

The first bird is an adult Rose-breasted Grosbeak, captured alive on May 10, 2007, at the Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory, next to Lake Ontario, Canada. It had been ringed with number C00335 on April 16, 2004, that is, three years ago, in a dry forest located in Montesión, an area surrounding the Tayrona National Natural Park in Magdalena, Colombia.

With its capture it is assumed that the specimen has been travelling at least 24 days during spring seasons at an average rate of 50 miles per day and 1740 per migration, and that it has migrated at least four times during fall and winter. On the other hand, a Blue Grosbeak was found dead in August, 2007, in South Carolina, United States. It had been captured and ringed on October 30, 2005, in San Andrés island (Colombian Caribbean).

Reporting the capture of birds, dead or alive, is of great importance, since bird-ringing efforts can compensate for information gaps on the ecology of migratory birds all along its range.

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