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Chincherry Bird Reserve

26 February, 2007


(Vireo caribaeus)


ProAves acquired in 2006 three properties with habitat for migratory birds on the island of San Andres, including mangroves, with the aim of turning them into a mechanism to strengthen and promote research, conservation and education on the island around the birds and their associated biodiversity, and allow participation and dissemination of these issues between the local community and visitors.

Location and Area:

The area was purchased with support from Robert Giles, of the ProAves Council, and is named in honor of San Andrés Vireo (Vireo caribaeus) locally called Chincherry, a bird endemic to the island. It seeks to become a strategic center for training in banding for Colombia and the Caribbean, allowing different projects and strengthen cooperation with other banding programs in the region.

San Andres is a small island in the Colombian Caribbean. It is an important step area for migratory birds. Part of the Biosphere Reserve “Seaflower”, in turn declared an Important Area for Bird-IBA (Birdlife 2005).(See map).

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