Fundación ProAves – por la conservación en el país de las aves

Conservación Colombiana #13 published

1 March, 2011


Tuesday 18 May 2010.

Today, 18 May 2010, the 13th volume of Conservación Colombiana is published and printed editions are available for sale at the ProAves offices in Bogota. The journal is available in the Biblioteca Nacional de Colombia and has been mailed to libraries and museums across Colombia, US and Europe. The publication contains various articles, including a paper updating the Colombian checklist of bird species, with a substantial review of records detailing new species for the country and taxonomic changes. It is now thought that 1,879 species occur in Colombia. The checklist and all the papers from the edition will be available online within two weeks. Conservación Colombiana is available for sale at US $13/$25.000 pesos at ProAves office at Cra 20 # 36-61, Bogota or email