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Environmental Education

15 October, 2010



Through the development of diverse tools, products and programs, Fundación ProAves works to generate strategies of environmental education with the intention of increase knowledge, sustainable use and conservation of biodiversity in our country, with a special emphasis into birds.

ProAves understands the significance of working in cooperation with the population living in the outskirts of the reserves, since this association guarantees the continuity end effectiveness of field work, and with their valuable support, ProAves can ensure a complete and structured work. In the same way, the intervention in areas where there is no constant work being carried out, is highly important for the general care of the environment, ensuring the permanence of birds in Colombia and, generally, of the world.

Within the area of environmental education, Fundación ProAves develops different programs in order to create a process of sensibility within the population.

Bird Friends Ecological Groups

The group is intended for kids and youngsters, where different activities related to environmental education are carried out, such as workshops, bird site-seeing trips, conferences, cinemas, forums, among others.


Amigos_de_las_avesBird Friendly Schools

Schools linked to ProAves participate in some activities related to conservation, research and environmental education that are being carried our by ProAves in each region.

During this training is delivered educational materials such as leaflets, stickers and posters, this makes children become more motivated to participate in the activities proposed by ProAves.



Social Service

Mostly directed to educational institutions with 10th and 11th level (high school), in which social service is a curricular obligation; Fundación ProAves proposes the linkage to diverse activities being carried out in each of its Natural Reserves. 



Young Researchers

Group made of by a young group of people interested in conservation and research of bird species studied by Fundación ProAves.


Are children under 6 years who conducts workshops for conservation and preservation with the goal of that from his earliest years, children know their relationship with nature and the importance of protecting it.


Parrot Bus

The Parrot Bus is a mobile classroom of environmental education that drives along the entire country in order to generate conscience among the entire population with knowledge, conservation and sustainable use of the biodiversity of our country, using informational panels, didactic games, workshops, discussions and videos.




These are educational processes in favor of one endangered bird species or a group of them.


Events developed in favor of one endangered bird species or a group of them.

 Educational resources

As support to the environmental education activities developed by ProAves.



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Environmental Education and Conservation
Thursday 16 September 2010.

Thanks to Loro Parque Fundación we have advanced environmental education activities in Roncesvalles, Tolima. See the latest activities and achievements towards saving the Endangered Quindío Wax Palm and the adoption of the Yellow-eared Parrot as the municipality symbol.


Celebrate World Environment Day
Thursday 10 June 2010.

On June 5th, ProAves celebrated World Environment Day with a month-long campaign of environmental education with the objective of making rural communities across Colombia aware of the importance of conserving the habitat of some of the most endangered wildlife on the planet.


ProAves Celebrated Earth Day
Sunday 25 April 2010.

Framed within the “2010 Year of Biodiversity”, ProAves celebrated Earth Day on April 22nd; the celebration included a special program of outreach activities in rural municipalities across Colombia and in the city of Bogotá. Earth Day and the Year of Biodiversity: join forces with ProAves to help save the planet.



Release of 13 Yellow-crowned Parrots in Caldas
Friday 23 April 2010.

Thirteen Yellow-crowned Parrots were released back into the wild in forests beside the La Miel river, in the department of Caldas. The release was part of a collaboration between CORPOCALDAS and ProAves to save biodiversity in the beautiful department of Caldas.