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Great media coverage of the Migratory Bird Festival 2007!

29 November, 2007


Tuesday 4 December 2007.

Coverage by local, national and international media had a perfect finale through the great front page article about the festival, which was published by “El Tiempo,” the most prominent newspaper in Colombia.


Examples of coverage by TV, printed media and the Internet.

Altogether, more than 32 documents were published, including:

- Twelve articles on Colombian websites and 3 on foreign websites.
- A story by the TV news report at noon on the “Caracol” channel, which reached the entire Colombian territory.
- Two newspaper articles: one on the front page of “El Tiempo,” and a second one on a local journal.
- An interview broadcasted nationwide by RCN Radio.
- An interview for Teleproductions, a company which edits radio shows for a number of stations in Latin America.
- One article on the “Catorce,6” national magazine.
- A story by the TV news reports at noon and at night on Canal Capital, which reached Bogotá.
- One interview on Todelar, a radio station in Bogotá.
- Four shows: one on the radio and one on TV in the municipality of Jardín (Department of Antioquia).
- Two presentations on TV and two on the radio in San Andrés island (apart from the webpage note mentioned above).
- One radio show in Ocaña, Norte de Santander.

A PDF file at the end of this summary has been attached for information on most of the materials printed or available online.

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