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Help needed to monitor Cerulean Warblers

17 March, 2011


Thursday 22 October 2009.

The population of the Cerulean Warbler (CERW) has been steadily declining for the last 40 years. Conservation actions to improve survivorship in its wintering grounds in Colombia are desperately needed to address and reverse the decline of the Cerulean Warbler.

We are looking for experienced birders to track the daily activities of warblers fitted with transmitters in order to develop a better understanding of the CERW wintering habitat.


CERWs will be captured in mist-nets, fitted with transmitters, and tracked from dawn until activity stops in the evening. Monitoring will be conducted on a daily basis for the life of the transmitter (average lifespan 21 days).

Two volunteers are needed to track each CERW. One volunteer will serve as the spotter holding the receiver and antenna; the other will be the data recorder. Volunteers will stay on location at the Cerulean Warbler Bird Reserve.

Further information, please do not hesitate contacting the volunteers program coordinator Gloria Castillo at

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