Fundación ProAves – por la conservación en el país de las aves

Monitoring Stations

23 February, 2009


With the support of a large number of organizations and the ongoing work of our researchers and their assistants, ProAves Foundation successfully established in 2003, a strategic network of 27 monitoring stations in the long run in nine critical areas for migratory birds. In the stations are engaged in constant monitoring and bird banding until 2008. For the year 2011 is running the monitoring station in San Andres Island.

1. San Andrés Island, Archipiélago monitoring station

2. El Dorado Bird Reserve monitoring station

3. Southwestern Antioquia monitoring station

4. Cerulean Warbler Bird Reserve monitoring station

5. Reserve El Pangan monitoring station

6. Mosiro Itájura Caparú, Vaupés Biological Station

7. El Mirador Bird Reserve monitoring station

8. Darién, Chocó monitoring station

9. Chestnut – capped Piha Bird Reserve monitoring station

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