Fundación ProAves – por la conservación en el país de las aves


15 June, 2010



Since the creation of the National Network of Monitoring in 2003, we have established 43 cooperation agreements with 61 organizations to create a monitoring network for migratory and resident birds that has had the support of more than 49 researchers.

The primary target is to establish monitoring stations in different regions of the country. In 2006, we focused monitoring activities towards our protected areas, in which already we have 29 stations. That year we initiated a program of monitoring the marine birds in the island of Malpelo in the Pacific Ocean.

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Workshop on population monitoring and conservation for parrots
Monday 8 February 2010.

ProAves is looking for people interested in learning construction techniques, maintenance and monitoring of artificial nests; techniques to climb trees and palms and techniques monitoring parrot populations.