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New species of tree fern is named in honor of Juan Lázaro

1 September, 2020


Fundación ProAves of Colombia joins the recognition made to one of the members of its leadership team, Juan Lázaro Toro Murillo. Recently,  was dedicated to him the name of a new species of endemic tree fern in the forests of Yarumal, Antioquia, known only from the type locality: Cyathea toro, described for Colombia.

© Luis Fernando Giraldo

Juan, Forestry Engineer and current Director of Strategies at ProAves, has a long history in the management and execution of projects on knowledge, conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in Colombia.

Prior to his work at the Foundation, Juan worked for several years as Coordinator of the forest and biodiversity program at Corporación Autónoma Regional del Centro de Antioquia (CORANTIOQUIA), where he supported and developed several research projects on ferns in his jurisdiction (80 municipalities of the department of Antioquia).

Thanks to the great performance he had in CORANTIOQUIA, Juan made a very significant contribution to the knowledge of the diversity of this group of plants in Antioquia. Furthermore, as a result of the expeditions carried out, new species were discovered for science.

In recognition of the support given for several years to this work, the authors of the description of the species decided to dedicate its name to Juan Lázaro Toro, baptizing it as Cyathea toroi. This is a species of tree fern from the Cyatheaceae family, endemic to the region known as Alto de Ventanas in the municipality of Yarumal in the department of Antioquia.

Fundación ProAves is very proud to have professionals like Juan Lázaro in its work team. Thanks to people like him, we continue to advance in our great purpose of protecting and conserving Colombian biodiversity.

© Luis Fernando Giraldo