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Restoring the habitat of the Macaws

29 September, 2021


The Choibá or cumarú (Dipteryx oleifera) is a critically important tree species for the survival of the Macaws; Unfortunately, selective logging has reduced the populations of this Legume, which is highly sought after due to the hardness of its wood.

Within the framework of the project “Strengthening the Conservation of Macaws (Genus Ara) in Colombia”, co-financed by the company Jerónimo Martins, Ara stores in Colombia, different conservation actions are being implemented to reduce the vulnerability of the populations of the species of Macaws most threatened in the country: the Military Macaw (Ara militaris), VULNERABLE (VU) and the Great Green Macaw (Ara ambiguus), ENDANGERED (EN).

In order to recover the habitat of the Macaws, a plant nursery was established in the Tití Cabeciblanco ProAves Reserve, located in the municipality of Riosucio, department of Chocó, where key plant species are being regenerated, such as 220 Choibá trees, which are a source of food and nesting for Ara species. In addition, some of the deforested areas will be repopulated to provide a great variety of ecosystem services to the habitat.

Thanks to the ecological restoration that has been carried out in the Natural Reserve of the Fundación ProAves, in recent months 13 records of Macaw species were obtained, of which 28 individuals of four species were sighted, Ara severus being the most common.

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We thank Jerónimo Martins, Ara store for their contribution to this project, and for continuing to take care of one the most precious treasures we have on the planet… birds.