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The extreme travellers are on their way to Colombia!

8 March, 2011


Monday 31 August 2009.

“Colombia welcomes the extreme travellers:
6th Migratory Bird Festival”

 Every year as the winter approaches many migratory bird species from North America fly thousands of miles to reach Central and South America. This long journey called migration allows them to find more food in milder climates and to avoid this cold and hard season until they are ready to return to the North where they will start the breeding season.


This year 3000 visitors are expected to welcome the seasonal visit of these birds and you will be able to enjoy a wonderful and varied festive programmed in Bogotá and the municipalities of San Vicente de Chucuri in Santander, Jardín, Antioquia, Génova in the department of Quindío and Roncesvalles, Tolima. The aim of this celebration is to present the different protected areas for the preservation of migratory birds existing in the region and to secure the commitment of local communities to preserve these habitats.

It is very easy to participate and to be part of this welcome reception. You can register your school; receive samples of educational materials, examples of activities, and you can even volunteer!. To receive more information about the participation process please contact: If you would like to be a volunteer and you are over 18 years please contact:

For more information about this event please contact: Ph.: (571) 340 3261 – (571) 340 3229

Come along and help us to preserve the migratory birds in Colombia!

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