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Worldwide interest in ProAves projects

22 May, 2012


During their visit to the reserve, Rosie and Ben took advantage of the beautiful and unique flora and fauna of the el Dorado and at the same time familiarizing themselves with the Women for Conservation project. Both were quite enthusiastic and impressed with the work that ProAves has spearheaded with local women and this alternative income project. Rosie was kind enough to offer her support from England to disseminate information about the program, being that she is dedicated to expanding the rights and roles of women in societies around the world.


The visitors were shown the procedures for obtaining materials for the handicrafts and how sales are produced. Also, they were invited to participate in the creation of a typical necklace, being guided by Liliana Restrepo, one of supervisors for the women group at Reserve El Dorado.


We would like to thank Rosie and Ben for their visit to the Women for Conservation group, and for showing a keen interest in the effort ProAves has put into making this Project successful.


Rosie Boycott is the founder of the female magazine Spare Rib and the editor of Virago Press. She has also been the editor of Esquire Magazine, The Independent on Sunday, The Independent and the Daily Express. She is a frequent collaborator on programs such as Late Review, Woman’s Hour and Politics Show. Rosie has also presented her own show on BBC2, Life and is the author of the book “spotted Pigs and Green Tomatoes: A year in the life of her smallholding in Somerset”. Currently she is the Travel Editor for the magazine The Oldie and president of London Food.

Ben Okri is a poet and novelist from Nigeria who has one of the most respected writers in Africa. Ben is the Vice-president of the English Center of International PEN – the World Association of Writers and is in charge of promoting and the freedom of expression and is a member of the board of directors for the Royal National Theatre. Ben has worked as presenter for the BBC World Service on the cultural program “Network Africa” and was a Nobel Prize candidate for literature in 1991 for his work “The Famished Road”. Ben currently lives in London.

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