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El Pangán Conservation Corridor

Nature Bird Reserve El Pangán.

This corridor had its beginnings with the establishment of the Nature Bird Reserve El Pangán in 2005 with the support of BirdLife International and Conservación Internacional, under the Program Fund for Strategic Ecosystem Alliance (CEPF). However, the process of maintaining and extending it continues thanks to the great support of Rainforest Concern.

This initiative came about to provide sustainable alternatives (training, support and management) and environmental awareness to communities neighboring the reservation as a strategy for community involvement in the ownership and care of natural resources in the area.

River Nambí (RNA El Pangán).

This place has been considered one of the most biodiverse areas of Colombia with 21 endangered bird species and 48 endemic bird species with restricted distributions in the area of Chocó, Endemic Birds (EBA 041-Stattersfield et al. 1998) have been registered. No other protected area of comparable size within this EBA, is home to populations of so many bird species with restricted distribution, making it one of the highest priority ecosystems for conservation.

The Corridor El Pangán is located on the slope of Pacific Andes department of Nariño, Colombia, 01 ° 21’N, 78 ° 04’W, 10 km north of the village of Junin, Barbacoas Town, at an altitude of between 550 to 1,900 m and 1,900, represented by lowlands and tropical rainforests. Holdridge (1967) classifies this area into two life zones: tropical rain forest (bp-T) at an altitude of between 550 and 1,100 m and pre-montane rain forest (bp-PM) at an altitude between 1,100 and 1,700 meters.


The main objective was to establish a biological corridor between the Nature Bird Reserve El Pangán and the indigenous reserves of Camawari and Unipa. Protecting in this way 15,000 ha of tropical rain forest belt 1,300m altitude (600-1900) as a representative of forest ecosystem that preserves biodiversity and in particular ensures the survival of a good number of endemic and globally threatened species.

Conservation actions continue to be made in the area thanks to the management that it has been given by the Nature Bird Reserve Pangán. This is the oldest corridor that the ProAves Foundation has established and managed, it has taken 6 years of hard work and positioning.

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