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1st illustration and photography contest: “Migratory Birds, Extreme Travelers”

10 October, 2014


Reinita Alidorada (Vermivora chrysoptera)

To celebrate International Migratory Bird Day on October 9th, ProAves is organizing the 1st contest of photography and illustration for active members: “Migratory Birds, Extreme Travelers”.


Participate and win: two nights for two people in one of our reserves and a Migration Kit that includes the new edition of the Field Guide to the Birds of Colombia.

Every year hundreds of birds travel from North America and southern South America to Central America and South America in search of warm areas to spend the winter season, this phenomenon is called migration, but due to the destruction of the environment, fewer birds are finding a place to eat, sleep and spend the winter months .

For that reason ProAves has held the Migratory Bird Festival since 2004 in which they do conservation and environmental education with local communities in key areas for migrating bird species.

The aim of this activity is to promote interest in the communities, the knowledge of migratory birds and the importance of conserving their habitat. It also seeks to strengthen and consolidate a network of organizations and individuals committed to the conservation of wild birds in the country. Migratory birds perform a risky journey and it is our duty to ensure their survival



Reception of  material: Wednesday October 10th 

Deadline for receipt ofmaterial: Tuesday, October 28.

Publication of finalists: Wednesday, November 5th.

Start of voting  in social networks: Thursday, November 6.

Close of voting:  Thursday, November 13.

Publication of winners: Friday, November 14.


Who can participate?

All active members of ProAves. If you are not already a member you may register at



1. Photography.

2. Illustration.


Cebrita trepadora (Mniotilta varia)

Requirements for participating:

 1. Photographs and / or illustrations should be the participant’s own and unpublished.

2. The topic at hand is “Migratory Birds, Extreme Travelers”.

3. You can only participate with a photo and / or drawing.

4. In the case of the photography category size should be at least 2400 pixels and should be sent in .jpg format.

5. In the category of illustration, you can send the digital photograph or scanned drawing (jpg.)

6. Retouching Photos: The picture presented may not be retouched considerably. Nothing in the  photographs (people, animals, landscapes, objects, etc.) may be altered, deleted, or rearranged or increased in size.

7. The photographs and / or illustrations must not have been submitted in other events.

8. Photographs should be named as follows: Name_surname_ID. For example: Sandra_Moreno_12345678910.jpg

9. ProAves reserves the right to disqualify, at its sole and absolute discretion, any photo that does not comply with these criteria and with the intent and content of the Official Rules.

10. Acceptation of the Official Rules will be understood to have been accepted once the relevant photograph and / or illustration is sent.

11. The Participant must submit a document written in Spanish, which declares and certifies you as the sole author of the image.

12. Authorized publication of your pictures on the Foundation’s website and social networks and other disclosures after the contest are required to meet educational purposes.


Sending your Proposal:

1. Submit the photograph and / or illustration by email to as an attachment. In the subject field you must specify the category, followed by the name of the participant, such as: Photography, Sandra Moreno

2. In a Word document bearing the name of the contestant, you must include the following information:

Title of the photo and / or drawing


In the case of photographs, the place where it was taken

Full name of author


Identification Number



Reinita castaña (Setophaga castanea)


Proceso de evaluación:

The jury will be composed by Alonso Quevedo CEO ProAves, Mónica Parada Assistant to the Director, Research Director Oswaldo Cortes, Juliana Toro Deputy Director of Environmental Education and Membership and Ivón Alzate Deputy Director of Communications. The jury will select 3 photos per category and will be posted on Facebook.

2.The result with the finalists will be announced on Friday, October 24, in the social networks of the Foundation and six days will be given for voting.

3. Incentive: The work in each category that has the highest number of likes will receive a Migration Kit by certified mail which includes the Field Guide to the Birds of Colombia in its second edition. Similarly, the images will be used as cover photos in social networks of the Foundation and will be published in the membership newsletter.


The award for the winner in each category includes the second edition of the Field Guide to the Birds of Colombia, an accommodation pass for two nights for two people in one of the reserves of the Foundation (El Dorado, Las Tangaras, Colibrí del Sol, El Paujil, Reinita Cielo Azul), a collection of mini guides to neotropical biodiversity, ecological bag Reinita Cielo Azul, Migratory Birds handle, pen, Festival of Migratory Birds poster and assorted stickers.


Participants must not be affiliated by formal contract or provide permanent or sporadic service with ProAves, or members of the Directive Board and the Council. To redeem passes accommodation must be booked at least 15 days in advance and are subject to availability at the time of booking. The pass covers lodging for two people for two nights, the cost ​​of food, transportation and expenses not specified are the responsibility of the visitor. Passes have a validity of 12 months from the time of delivery. The delivery of the package with the award shall be made ​​by certified mail to the city in which the winner lives; if the winner should be located in the city of Bogotá, the winner can claim their prize at the ProAves office located at la carrera 20 # 36-61 Barrio La Soledad. If winner lives outside Colombia they should bear the shipping costs or the Guide will be given at the time of redeeming the accommodation pass.