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Phyllobates terribilis

Ranita Terribilis
ProAves Reserva
Ranita Terribilis
ProAves Reserve
Phyllobates terribilis

Average Temperature: 78 °F

Ecosystem: Rainy forests

Weather: Tropical rain forests

Key species: Phyllobates terribilis

Key species

The poison dart frog (Phyllobates terribilis) is found on this property and a large part of the area; the dart frog is endemic to the Colombian Pacific coast. This amphibian, belongs to the group of the dendrobatidae family, is currently considered the most poisonous vertebrate in the world. Its habitat is the humid jungles of Chocó and Colombia. The optimal habitat for Phyllobates terribilis is rainforests with high rainfall rates (5000 millimeters or more).

The Ranita Terribilis ProAves Reserve also protects several key bird species including the Pava del Baudo, which is in danger of extinction, it also protects the Chilacoa Parda, in a vulnerable state, and the Paujil del Chocó.


It is located in the department of Cauca, municipality of Timbiquí, in the urban area of the municipal seat, on the right bank of the Timbiq river (See map).