Fundación ProAves – por la conservación en el país de las aves


Cephalopterus penduliger

El Pangán
ProAves Reserve
El Pangán
ProAves Reserve

Date created: 2002

Average Temperature: Between 53 and 75 °F

Ecosystem: Tropical Rain Forest and Premontane Rain Forest

Weather: Tropical

Altitudinal range: Between 500 – 1,990 AMSL

Key species: Cephalopterus penduliger

Key species

In the El Pangán ProAves Reserve there are approximately 360 species of birds, among which are 21 threatened, 2 endangered, 13 near threatened, 4 vulnerable and 49 endemics (EBA 041-Stattersfield et al. 1998).

In Herpetos there is an approximate record of 21 species of amphibians distributed in 6 families and 17 species of Reptiles distributed in 7 families.

Regarding mammals, there is an approximate record of 36 species distributed in 21 families of which 10 are globally threatened. Likewise, it has a great variety of diurnal Lepidoptera, 91 species distributed in 68 genera, 6 families, and 14 subfamilies, of which 28 species are endemic, 20 species are rare or very rare and 66 common species.

Flora y Fauna El Pangán

It is located geographically in the foothills of the western plain of the knot of the Pastos, in the Ñambí river basin, a tributary of the Telembí river and thanks to the purchase of new properties the Yaguachi river is also being protected (See map).


It is strategically located because it is part of a great binational corridor in conjunction with other protected areas and indigenous reservations; thus allowing the conservation of the habitat of approximately 45 species of endemic birds such as the Pangán (Cephalopterus penduliger). It is also listed by the Alliance for Zero Extinction as an AZE site.