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Ecological Easements

29 March, 2011


A conservation easement is an agreement between two or more owners in which at least one of them agrees voluntarily to limit the use of part or all of their property called the servant estate in favor of any natural or legal person for conservation purposes and protection of natural resources and biodiversity.

The initial development of this strategy was in Jardín, Antioquia in 2006, establishing a figure between two private properties one belonging to the Network of Civil Society Reserves to conserve habitat and foraging area of the Yellow-eared Parrot. From its inception to date, we have established 24 Ecological Easements under this figure protecting 1,300 hectares of high Andean forest, páramo and rain forest.

The purpose of the easement is to allow private landowners to have a legal instrument to conserve and make proper management of natural resources on their land, with appropriate legal protection (contract and registration of same), through mandatory clauses to be respected by the current and future owners until the completion of the contract period.


Conservation Easements El Capado.

To establish an easement two premises are required: a servant which is the land that suffers the limitation on the use of resources (load support is the provision of certain services for other land for conservation) and a dominant tenement which is the property receiving the benefit (conservation).

The benefits of establishing an easement are:

  • Protect the habitat and the ecosystem of a place.
  • Caring for the habitat of a species or species group.
  • Receive financial incentives.
  • Exoneration of property tax on forest area. Protect areas of environmental importance.
  • Improving agricultural and production processes on farms.
  • Caring for sources, edges of streams and water sources in general.
  • Conduct research, conservation and environmental education.

The advantages of conservation easements are:

  • Ecological and environmental benefits.
  • Environmental services not only to the dominant estate, but also for the community and the region.
  • Recognition of benefits provided to the dominant tenement (research, conservation and environmental education on their estate.)
  • Conservation activities on the estate (reforestation with native plants, etc.).


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The ecological easement program continues to gain ground in Colombia. It is one of the conservation tools that the Foundation has been using to help threatened bird species and their habitats.



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Tuesday 24 March 2009.

With the support of Fundación Loro Parque and American Bird Conservancy, ProAves worked with the local community to sign a second ecological easement of private lands beside the Yellow-eared Parrot Bird Reserve, benefiting the conservation of the parrot and its unique habitat.



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Tuesday 26 August 2008.

ProAves established the second ecological easements between the Yellow-eared Parrot Bird Reserve and the land La Meseta, property of Mr. Mario Peláez in Jardín, Antioquia.