Fundación ProAves – por la conservación en el país de las aves

RARE Campaign – Social Marketing

30 November, 2006


Pride campaign Roncesvalles (Tolima)

Since 2010 Fundación ProAves with support from the organization RARE Conservation, pointed to prepare and develop a social marketing campaign to develop alternative conservation strategies and thus achieve a behavioral change on the community to which it will propose a conservation strategy in this case the Arreglos Recíprocos por Agua. The campaign is being developed in the municipalities of Roncesvalles and El Espinal (Tolima).

Social marketing is a branch of marketing, but in this case the product to market is focused not on selling a product and gaining a financial resource, but the contrarily sell an idea about the conservation and natural resource value of their locality through the pride of what they have. To achieve this we rely on the Theory of Change, which starts from knowledge of natural resources. We start with interpersonal communication that will make the step from knowledge, and then comes the removal of barriers that people have to make decisions, thus we reduce the threats to get the conservation result.

Change Theory pride campaign Roncesvalles (Tolima)

To achieve all this a marketing campaign, which begins with surveys aimed at the population and on this basis, marketing activities such as: spot radio, puppet shows, posters, songs, t-shirts, magazine, radio, videos, etc. are developed. Each of these activities are tailored to meet an objective, in our case is to preserve the moors and forests of the upper basin of the river Cucuana as water regulators & the Yellow-eared parrot’s habitat.

A very important step that should be developed in a social marketing campaign is to link the process to all stakeholders; in our case we have progressed in this activity and we have received great support from the community of Roncesvalles, like the Mayor, the City Council, the water company ESPRON, the college Voice of the Earth, the Catholic Church, some companies in the region, like Usocoello Irrigation District. So far the campaign has been launched and it has already started its development in the two towns.

To follow up on this campaign, you can join our Facebook page  or create a Rareplanet account and track the campaign from there. We invite you to join and learn step by step in this new conservation tool.

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