Fundación ProAves – por las aves y su hábitat en Colombia

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Tití Cabeciblanco
proAves Reserve

Saguinus oedipus

Reserva ProAves
Tití Cabeciblanco
Saguinus oedipus
Psarocolius cassini


Date created: 2012

Area: 2,456 acres

Average Temperature: 75 °F

Ecosystem: Tropical humid forest

Weather: Warm and humid tropical

Altitudinal range: Between 100 and 2,50 AMSL

Key species: Tití cabeciblanco (Saguinus oedipus) and Oropéndola del Baudó (Psarocolius cassini)

Key species

Different species of threatened birds are conserved in the Nature Reserve, such as Psarocolius cassini (EN), Penelope ortoni (EN), Ara ambiguus (EN), Crax rubra (VU), among others. Likewise, the habitat of the Saguinus oedipus (CR) species is conserved. In addition, within the conservation area a wide systems of streams contributing to the Pavarandó river that flows into the Riosucio are protected.

Location and Area

The Nature Reserve is located in the municipality of Riosucio, in the department of Chocó. It has 994 hectares between 100 and 250 meters above sea level, of forests with transitional characteristics between the tropical rain forests (bp-T) of the Pacific coast and the tropical humid forests (bh-T) of the Urabá Antioqueño area.


Tropical rainforests of the Pacific Coast and tropical humid forests.