Fundación ProAves – por la conservación en el país de las aves


OUR History

OUR HistorY

Fundación ProAves was born in 1998 with the dream of a group of conservationists to save the Yellow-eared Parrot from extinction in Colombia. Thanks to its success in the conservation of the Parrot, ProAves was legally established in 2001 in Jardín, Antioquia, and decided to expand its focus to study and conserve other threatened species globally according to the IUCN, especially birds and amphibians throughout Colombia, for means of research, strategic conservation actions and work with the community.

Currently, ProAves has 28 Nature Reserves at strategic points throughout the country to protect in perpetuity the habitat of different species with some degree of threat of extinction. One is dedicated to the conservation of migratory species, 2 to the conservation of amphibians, 3 to the conservation of threatened mammals, and the other to the conservation of birds.

The passion and commitment to conservation on the part of the ProAves family is nurtured by alliances and collaboration with different organizations, groups, and citizens at the local and regional level with whom we work for the protection of biodiversity. It is very gratifying to find that Colombians feel a great passion for nature and to know that ProAves has always found open doors in all the communities with which it has worked.


Protect birds and biodiversity in Colombia through research, specific conservation actions, and outreach with the community.

OUR VisiOn

To be a leading organization in the protection of birds and biodiversity, in association with institutions and communities, oriented towards the achievement of human development in harmony with nature.



A. Promote and carry out actions that lead to the conservation of natural ecosystems.

B. Promote the development of policies for the protection and conservation of birds and their habitat.

C. Promote the establishment of Natural Reserves for their conservation and sustainable development.

D. Maintain a database on bird populations in Colombia and the American continent.

E. Promote and establish national and international agreements for the protection of birds.

F. Develop studies and research on birds and their living environment in Colombia.

G. Disseminate all research on the importance of birds and their environment.

H. Develop education programs, promoting knowledge of the basic biological aspects of birds and their habitat.


Establishment, management, and strengthening of Protected Areas focused on the Alliance for Zero Extinction sites in Colombia.

Establishment of conservation priorities in Colombia. Increased knowledge of birdlife in Colombia with emphasis on threatened species.

Provide communities with knowledge and skills for participation that promotes the conservation of threatened bird species in Colombia.