Fundación ProAves – por la conservación en el país de las aves

Payments for Environmental Services (PSA)

30 November, 1999


In the world all ecosystems provide a wide range of services to humanity, from the oxygen generated by forests, through streams of clean water, productive soils to carbon sequestration. Individuals, businesses and society, depend on these services to survive, besides being their inputs.

However many of these services are currently undervalued or have no financial value and that is why, forest owners do not pay attention because the forest does not generate profits but losses, they pay taxes on land that is not ” productive”.

Payments for Environmental Services (PSA)

Alluding to this, since 2006 the ProAves has generated knowledge in the community about the value of their resources and about their importance to their quality of life and the economy itself, knowing that this conservation strategy is not designed to reduce poverty but to provide economic incentives to promote more sustainable and efficient use of environmental services and the ecosystems that generate them.

Easement (Jardín, Antioquia)

Currently 8 RAW Reciprocal Agreements for Water have been signed which protect 2,650 hectares of moor and forest habitat of the Yellow-eared Parrot. These were signed for an average of 15 years of commitment under the provision of incentives as inputs to the farms.

The Foundation has developed the following PSA:

1. The Conservation Easement Program. Developed in the towns of Jardín (Antioquia), San Vicente de Chucurí (Santander) and Roncesvalles (Tolima).

2. Reciprocal Agreements for Water (ARAs). Developed in Roncesvalles and El Espinal (Tolima).