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8th Nazca Booby banding journey

16 March, 2011


Friday 5 December 2008.

As part of the institutions team participating in the Seascape Project: Promoting Marine Conservation through World Heritage in the Eastern Tropical Pacific – Sub Malpelo FFS, in September 2008 ProAves conducted the 8th banding expedition of the Nazca Booby on the Malpelo island Fauna and Flora Sanctuary.

ProAves researcher Luis Felipe Barrera managed to capture and band 185 new individuals of the species and obtained new information on its population structure, patterns of molt, reproduction and behavior of the population on the island of this species.


Individual of Nazca Booby with young; the researcher Luis Felipe Barrera; landscape of the island.

Through banding, ProAves has developed a long-term population monitoring of this species on the island, being its principal bird species, in order to obtain information necessary to ensure efficient parameters for their conservation in Colombia and eastern Pacific region.

During the expedition Luis Felipe obtained registers of a total of 29 bird species of which at least two are new records for the island.

This research has been supported by Fundación Malpelo and USFWS.

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