Fundación ProAves – por la conservación en el país de las aves


21 July, 2010



– Zoological Society for the Protection of Species and their populations e.V.ZGAP

The Zoological Society for the Protection of Species and populations e.V.ZGAP 

(For its acronym in German) was founded in 1982 by a small group of dedicated conservationists in Munich, Germany. The primary goal of the society is the preservation of poorly known species and endangered species and habitat protection.



-Shared Responsibility

Shared Responsibility is a campaign led by Vice-President of the Republic and seeks to raise awareness about the environmental effects caused by illicit crops.


-Regional Autonomous Corporation of Magdalena – CORPAMAG

Entity responsible for environmental conservation and sustainable development of the department of Magdalena.


-Regional Autonomous Corporation of North Santander – CORPONOR

Its jurisdiction is the Norte de Santander Department and its main function is to act as top environmental authority of the Department, in accordance with the rules and guidelines issued by the Ministry of Environment, Housing and Territorial Development.

-Natura Foundation


Natura Foundation works for life represented in human communities, animals and plants in the country and the planet. It is a nongovernmental organization (NGO) non-profit organization created in 1984 with a mission to help conserve the biodiversity of Colombia and the search for alternative sustainable use of natural resources.



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Help ProAves through Healthy Planet
Tuesday 22 November 2011.  

Merry Christmas! Help the environment during the holiday season and throughout the rest of the year too! Visit our partner Healthy Planet at


Celebrating Colombia’s 200th anniversary, in London
Tuesday 20 July 2010.

The 200th anniversary of the declaration of independence of Colombia was celebrated in Britain. The Natural History Museum in London hosted an event entitled “Colombia: Paradise of Biodiversity” with 200 guests that included the former President of Colombia, Belisario Betancur.


Official Announcement of the description of a new bird species in Colombia
Friday 21 May 2010.

A new species of Antpitta endemic to Colombia, was announced on Wednesday 19 May at a ceremony at the Embassy of Colombia to the USA, and was attended by Ambassador Dr. Carolina Barco.

Original Yellow-eared Parrot painting for sale!
Monday 26 April 2010.

In an exciting initiative between ProAves and “Art & Conservation”, a group of artists dedicated to support conservation through art, the original Yellow-eared Parrot painting is for sale with proceeds used to support conservation. The artist, Paula Andrea Romero, did a magnificent job painting this beautiful parrot in its habitat.


ProAves is member of the Environment Alliance Pact
Tuesday 16 March 2010.

ProAves is part of the Environment Alliance Pact, which seeks the commitment of the candidates for President of Colombia to place ecology as the center and heart of public policy.