Fundación ProAves – por la conservación en el país de las aves

Annual Planning Meeting – 2012 ProAves

26 January, 2012


The meeting was held at Hotel Minca, located in the town of Minca, Santa Marta, Department of Magdalena, near the road that leads up to the Natural Bird Reserve El Dorado.

The meeting consisted of an overview of the most significant achievements of 2011 within the organizations areas of conservation, research, communication, environmental education and membership. The presentations continued with a thorough evaluation of strategic and operational plans for each of the areas. The Strategic Plan 2009 – 2013, has and continues to set objectives and priorities to be developed during 2012.

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The ProAves team present at the meeting was made up by Lina Daza Rojas (Executive Director) and her assistant Monica Parada, Alonso Quevedo (Chairman), Director of Conservation and Protected Areas Luis Felipe Barrera, the protected areas Subdirector’s Ana Esperanza Contreras, Johanna Villa, Luis Gabriel Mosquera and Juan Carlos Rivas, the Subdirector of Research Alexander Monsalve, the Subdirector of Communications Ivon Alzate, the Legal Assistant Diego Ruiz and his assistant Yamile Hernandez, the Deputy Director of Restoration and Conservation Heidy Valle, the International Development Director Nathan Skinner, Environmental Education and Membership Yulied Bautista and Fernanda Martinez, administrative area Anzola Anyesul and on behalf of the accounting area Paloma Carrillo.

Also, we had the presence and valuable support of Mr. John Lázaro Toro and Mr. Robert Giles who are members of the Board of Directors.

Strategic Planning is carried out annually and is very important in that it has allowed us to direct our efforts to faithfully fulfill our vision and mission, taking into account the social and economic changes that Colombia faces.

“I thank all our contributors for their attendance at the annual Planning Meeting 2011 – 2012 for their valiant effort and all the creative ideas that were presented, we hope this year will be a year full of triumphs for the conservation of biodiversity and for birds of the world” Lina Daza Rojas, Executive Director.

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