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Colombia’s bird checklist increases to 1,934 species!

23 January, 2019

cover23Colombia’s bird checklist increases to 1,934 species, the greatest of any country, documented in volume 25 of Fundación ProAves’ scientific journal Conservación Colombiana. The journal also presents other articles, including new records for the country of Pileated Finch Coryphospingus cucullatus, Belcher’s Gull Larus belcheri and new records from Providencia island, including the first detailed record for the country of Antillean Nighthawk Chordeiles gundlachii. Finally, an obituary is presented for José Pinto, a Colombian conservationist.


Revision of the status of bird species occurring or reported in Colombia 2018. Conservación Colombiana 25: p. 4-47. Download here.

First record of Red-crested (Pileated) Finch Coryphospingus cucullatus for Colombia. Conservación Colombiana 25: p. 48-50. Download here.

First confirmed record of Belcher’s Gull Larus belcheri for Colombia with notes on the status of other gull species. Conservación Colombiana 25: p. 51-55. Download here.

Notes on some migratory birds rare, new or poorly known on Isla Providencia, Colombia. Conservación Colombiana 25: p. 56-63. Download here.

José Pinto (1983-2017): in memoriam. . Conservación Colombiana 25: p. 64-65. Download here.

Download the entire edition here.