Fundación ProAves – por la conservación en el país de las aves

Commitment to threatened amphibians

28 February, 2011


Thursday 15 July 2010.

ProAves, with the support of important partners such as Conservation International, Nationale Postcode Loterij, Dendrobatidae Nederland and IUCN ASG Amphibian Specialist Group, has acquired the commitment of restoring the habitat of the golden frog.


Swainson’s poison frog (Ranitomeya doriswainsonae) and golden frog (Ranitomeya tolimensis).

During the last decades, the transformation of native forests to pasture has become the main factor threatening endangered species such as the Little Golden Frog (Ranitomeya tolimensis) and Swainson’s Poison Frog (Ranitomeya doriswainsonae), there was no knowledge of these species until recently in this area of the country.

After six months of hard work implementing two nurseries with a capacity of 15,000 seedlings, seed collection in the relic forest inhabited by the species and planting of trees, we have initiated the recovery of these areas and taken the first steps to ensure the protection to perpetuity of this endemic and recently discovered amphibian in the Ranita Dorada Amphibian Reserve in Tolima. Besides this, ProAves has promoted the natural regeneration of the forest surrounding areas, contributing the changes in the vegetation cover within the protected area in approximately 40%.


Areas with evidence of natural recovery.


Reforested areas.


Main activities of reforestation.

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