Fundación ProAves – por la conservación en el país de las aves


30 June, 2005

ProAves is a purely conservationist NGO, which for more than 10 years has been implementing and developing tools and conservation activities, in order to mitigate the impact caused by the man on the habitats of endangered species.

The ProAves conservation area works to contribute to maintaining the quality and availability of habitat for conservation of priority bird species through the establishment and management of nature reserves in civil society and to develop other forms of protection supported by a concept of self-sustainability and community integration, influencing local, regional and national environmental protection.

Its objectives are:

  • To establish, expand, and manage comprehensively the protected areas of the Foundation, ensuring compliance of the function in perpetuity.
  • To implement, evaluate, and strengthen programs and tools for conservation in nature reserves and areas of influence.
  • To promote and develop self-sustaining actions to ensure the perpetuity of the reserves.
  • To participate in and influence the formulation, management, and implementation of conservation policies.

We have thus managed to retain under our Natural Bird Reserves 30,503 hectares of various kinds of ecosystems, and restore and reforest 1,200 hectares and establish 3,600 hectares under figures of Payments for Environmental Services.