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Eco-guide’s training, main focus on birds

11 March, 2011


Friday 31 July 2009.

ProAves and Ecoturs offered the Second Training for Eco-guides. This training was held at El Dorado Natural Reserve of Birds, Colombia, from June 30th to July 2nd 2009. The training was offered to staff working as eco-tourism guides as to better serve the special market of bird watchers, but also for experienced watchers who wish to become guides.

The topics covered by the training were:

Planning, logistics and customer service for the observers.

Localization and “adjustment” for bird watching.

Bird watching and field operation as bird watching touristic guides.

How to fundraise for conservation and the use of bird watching tourism as a conservation strategy.

Importance and potential of bird watching in Colombia.


The specialist speakers providing the training were:

Trevor Ellery (UK), International bird watching guide, team member of EcoTurs.

Dr. Paul Salaman (UK), PhD Philosophy, ornithologist and discoverer of four new bird species. Bird-watching guide.

Angela Gómez, EcoTurs Manager.

EcoTurs, associate company of ProAves, founded in 2006, is the pioneer and leader in bird watching tourism in Colombia. It bears great experience in this field, works together with the main international companies of bird watching tourism and offers tours all over the country.

For more information, visit:, or contact via info@ecoturs or via tel. (571) 287-6592.