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Economic alternatives workshop for hunters

21 February, 2011


Wednesday 14 July 2010.

Framed within the objectives of conservation of wildlife and their habitats in Colombia, ProAves, as a conservation strategy for two species listed as Critically Endangered, the Blue beak paujil (Crax alberti) and the Spider monkey (Ateles hybridus ), developed the first training workshop on economic alternatives for hunters in the community of the Municipality of Puerto Pinzón in the El Paujil Bird Reserve. These two species have lost almost 98% of their habitat by deforestation, hunting and fragmentation.


Individual Ateles hybridus and female Crax alberti. Photos taken with camera traps installed in the El Paujil Reserve.

Through this workshop, with support from SENA and UMATA, advice was offered on the manipulation of bamboo for the production of products made from this material; the workshop also included a talk on food security, friendly crops and reforestation.

The aim of these workshops is to provide economic alternatives to people from the community and continue with our efforts to conserve endangered species and their key areas in Colombia.


To meet this objective, the SENA, Tolima branch, helped us to provide advice on the use of bamboo with manipulation techniques for obtaining products made from this material, plus a representative of the UMATA gave a talk on food security, environmentally friendly crops and reforestation in the watershed of the Ermitaño river which passes through the Reserva El Paujil to empower people in the community and providing opportunities for environmentally sustainable living.


The main focus of the workshop was handling bamboo, which is explained in a guadual located within the reserve, important aspects to be taken into account when selecting the bamboo to work with, when it should be cut, external features and the preparation for processing. Through photographs it was also possible to show the community that this is a good economic alternative because of the importance and popularity the products made from this material in our country have obtained.


At the end of the workshop SENA certified the participants, obtaining their commitment and enthusiasm to continue the training and managing an extensive course for the management of bamboo, likewise, the Foundation will provide for these courses, the bamboo found within the Reserve.

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