Fundación ProAves – por las aves y su hábitat en Colombia

Pyrrhura viridicata

El Dorado
ProAves Reserve
El Dorado
ProAves Reserve

Date created: March 31, 2006

Area: 1,024 hectares

Average Temperature: 64 °F

Ecosystem: Subtropical (cloud) forests

Weather: Tropical

Altitudinal range: Between 1,500 – 2,700 AMSL

Key species: 45, among them. Campylopterus phainopeplusPyrrhura viridicataMyiotheretes pernix

Key species

One of the most important characteristics of both the fauna and the flora of the Reserve is the presence of a high number of endemic species or those with some degree of extinction threat. There we can see the Santa Marta Parakeet (Pyrrhura viridicata), the Santa Marta Flytrap (Myiotheretes pernix), the Green Macaw (Ara militaris), the Santa Marta Warbler (Basileuterus basilicus), the Rusty-headed spinetail (Synallaxis fuscorufa), the Santa Marta Antpitta (Grallaria bangsi) and the White-lored Warbler (Basileuterus conspicillatus), among others.

It has a high number of endemic species of fauna and flora threatened with extinction; Furthermore, the conserved forests benefit the three most threatened bird species in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta: the Santa Marta Parakeet (Pyrrhura viridicata), the Santa Marta Flycatcher (Myiotheretes pernix) and the Santa Marta Sabre-wing (Campylopterus phainopeplus). Due to these factors, the Reserve is classified as an AZE Site and an Important Area for the conservation of birds (AICA).

Flora y Fauna El Dorado

This Reserve is part of the Chundúa District of the Biogeographic Province of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and an Area of Endemism of Birds (EBA 036). This site also protects important areas for more than 40 species of migratory birds, such as the Golden-winged Warbler (Vermivora chrysoptera) and the Cerulean Warbler (Dendroica cerulea).

Location and area

The Reserve is located on the Cuchilla de San Lorenzo, in the western sector of the northern slope of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, in the district of Minca, belonging to the municipality of Santa Marta and department of Magdalena. It currently comprises an area of ​​1,024 hectares, in an altitudinal range between 1,500 and 2,700 meters above sea level. (See map).


The Reserve is made up of native forests formerly belonging to the La Victoria, Cincinnati and Vistanieves farms, which have been cultivating coffee for more than a century.

How to get there

El Dorado ProAves Reserve is accessed via the Santa Marta – Minca – Cerro Kennedy Road. The reserve’s visitor center is located 34 km from the city of Santa Marta, a trip of about two and a half (2.5) hours. The road is paved until the town of Minca, which is 14 km from Santa Marta. Then, it continues along a road with tread plate to the Campano sector, and from there it continues along an unpaved access road to the visitor center.