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Five New Ecological Easements in Santander

10 May, 2011


Friday 4 June 2010.

Thanks to the support of American Bird Conservancy, Amos W. Butler and Conservation Leadership Program, five properties and 143 acres have been permanently protected by their owners to strengthen the Cerulean Warbler Conservation Corridor. Commitments by each landowner include not cutting down trees, reforesting watershed areas, establishing living fences and silvopastoral systems and develop friendly production practices.

So far we have established nine easements in the Cerulean Warbler Conservation Corridor with 323 acres, of which 143 are part of the five new easements. The corridor is established to restore the connectivity between the Nature Reserves of Reinita Cielo Azul (Serranía de los Yariguies) and Pauxi Pauxi (Cerro de la Paz) in order to strengthen the conservation of habitat for many resident and migratory species such as Dendroica cerulea (Cerulean Warbler).

View of Reinita Cielo Azul – View of Pauxi Pauxi.

Conservation easements are a legal mechanism with a voluntary agreement between two parties to the conservation, in which civil society is responsible for protecting the biodiversity and natural resources of an area. The commitments acquired with these easements by the owners were not to clear the forest, to reforest areas of water sources on his farm, establishment of live fences and develop friendly production practices in the forest and conservation.

The Reserves of Pauxi Pauxi and Reinita Cielo Azul support the maintenance of the forests; they provide some materials for the improvement of the productive areas, seedlings are provided for reforestation and provide training to the community in sustainable production techniques.

Community meetings.

This project is been conducted by ProAves and Proyecto YARE, which is supported by the Conservation Leadership Program.


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