Fundación ProAves – por la conservación en el país de las aves

Génova celebrates its natural heritage

13 December, 2012


ProAves together with the local authority conducted the eighth version of this beautiful environmental fete which consisted of a parade through the streets of the town, where more than 700 people with banners, masks, hats and costumes representing the Fuertes Parrot and the Migratory Birds.

During the event the First Environmental Fair also was held which had stands by Parques Naturales Nacionales (National Parks), environmental projects by colleges in the town, the Regional Corporation of Quindío CRQ, Nepsa del Quindío (the local waste management company), the Torrefactora de Café Municipal (ranked as the third best specialty coffee in the world) and others, along with a photo and art exhibition.

During the festival the community participated in various recreational activities such as a Flagship Challenge where awards were given, a Myths and Legends Theme Night, a magical night where through a play, dance, rock and costumes, the importance of oral tradition in the recognition of the conservation was highlighted. About 500 people pretended to be enchanted and frightened by children embodying different myths and legends specific to the region, who also took home baskets and school kits for their effort in preparing their costumes. The community also enjoyed wildlife films, park, nature walks and more.

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Also, in the Municipal Administrative Centre photographs were on show in the environmental photo contest in which youth from the town participated.

It is important to point out that environmental education workshops have been held throughout the year with local schools where more than 1,300 children and young people have been made aware of the importance of these ecosystems in their quality of life.

It was also very gratifying to have the support of all the children who are members of the Los Polluelos (“the nestlings”) in this event, demonstrating the commitment of teachers, aware that early childhood should be the first opportunity to introduce an awareness of conservation.

We are thankful for all the support provided by the Municipality of Génova, Quindío; Quindío Regional Corporation CRQ, colleges, primary schools and other local institutions that are enabling us to get this message to more and more people in this beautiful department of Quindío, declared a World Heritage Site in 2011.

Some Interesting Facts:

More than 500 masks and visors were produced symbolizing the Fuertes Parrot and the Migratory birds.

More than 80 children between 3 and 5 years marched hand in hand with their parents, through the main streets of Génova.

Mr. Alberto Garay was presented with a plaque of appreciation, a recognized municipal photographer who has photographed the wilderness for 30 years, managing to capture our natural beauty.

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