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Great results in the V Banding Course

11 March, 2011

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Monday 10 May 2010.

From March 27th to April 4th the V course of banding was carried out with great success the V course of banding with emphasis on migratory birds and endangered species in the Natural Birds Reserve El Dorado. The course was organized by the Foundation ProAves supported by The Wetland Trust and attended by 20 students from Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Chile and Argentina. The training was conducted by four instructors from various organizations, Christian Olaciregui and Esteban Botero of ProAves, Kevin Thornton of The Wetland Trust and Nick Bayly of SELVA.

During the course theoretical and practical activities were developed where they discussed topics such as techniques for capturing, handling, banding and data collection, ethics of ringing, age determination by plumage, moult and ossification of the skull; determining fitness of the bird through the records of fat and muscle and reproductive condition.


Additionally, special sessions took place where it deepened issues such as handling and banding of hummingbirds, colored rings, ringing big birds, foraging ecology, habitat use and analysis.

A total of 370 individuals belonging to 15 families and 49 species were banded. There were several species of interest such as Turdus leucops, Thlypopsis Tachyphonus fulviceps and rufus; melanogenys Anisognathus endemic species and threatened like Atlapetes melanocephalus and floriceps and Basileuterus Anthocephala conspicillatus.


Thlypopsis fulviceps, Turdus leucops, Dendroica fusca.


Pheuticus ludovicianus, Micrastur rufficollis.

Upon completion of this course, the students were evaluated and two of the participants, Valentina Gómez of the University of the Andes and Diego Alarcon of the Catholic University of Ecuador were selected to attend intensive training in bird banding methods offered by The Wetland Trust in England.

Through these courses ProAves Foundation continues to strengthen opportunities for learning and banding techniques, helping to train future senior banders, who through their research, promote knowledge of the birds of Colombia and contribute to their conservation and their habitats.


List of Participants:

Participant name

José Alejandro VergaraUniversidad de Córdoba
Marcela Fernández PérezUniversidad de Popayán
José Ignacio Giraldo ArangoUniversidad Sto. Tomás
Laura Andrea Córdoba ParradoUniversidad Militar
Laura RubioUniversidad del Valle
Astrid CastellanosUniversidad Distrital
Jorge AyarzaUniversidad Militar
Juan Carlos Obando ChacónUniversidad de Caldas
Zoraida BuitragoUniversidad Distrital
Valentina GómezUniversidad de los Andes
John Albert GuevaraUniversidad de Caldas
Pilar CarboUniversidad Autónoma de México
Primavera romeroUniversidad Autónoma de México
Eduardo MilitelloAdministración de Parque Nacionales – Argentina
Antonio GoycocheaEcoan – Perú
Geven Erasmo Rodríguez SuarezUniversidad Javieriana
Cristian SuazoUniversidad Austral de Chile
diego Germán AlarcónPontificia Universidad Católica de Ecuador
Lina RestrepoUniversidad de Antioquia
Fabio BaccaProAves

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