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Hapalopsittaca fuertesi

28 April, 2007



The Indigo-winged Parrot (Hapalopsittaca fuertesi) is an endemic species that occupies a restricted area on the western side of the massif Ruiz – Tolima, Central Cordillera. He is currently ranked as a critically endangered species (IUCN 2006) due to the dramatic reduction of its population numbers.

Some of the studies conducted so far regarding the situation of this species are:

Natural History

Reyes Diaz, VA 2006. Issues related to the natural history of a Coroniazul Hapalosittaca fuertesi parrot colony in the Municipality of Génova-Quindío. Resume.

Reproductive biology

Reyes Diaz, VA 2007. Reproductive Biology 2007 Hapalopsittaca fuertesi (cr) and Leptosittaca branickii (vu) in El Mirador municipal Bird Reserve – Génova (Quindío). Resume