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Huge increase in the Yellow-eared Parrot population

10 March, 2011


Monday 4 October 2010.

The Yellow-eared parrot (Ognorhynchus icterotis) population in Tolima has reached historically high population levels with 727 individuals following there most successful breeding season with 291 chicks fledged from 131 nests.

In 1998, Fundación ProAves, with support from the Loro Parque Foundación and American Bird Conservancy, initiated the Yellow-eared Parrot Project with the primary objective of ensuring the survival of the species, as well as habitat protection in the Colombian Andes.

Through the population census conducted in Tolima in recent months, the largest count of individuals and chicks in the history of Yellow-eared Parrot project has been established.


There were 727 individuals of the species, 291 were registered as chicks in 131 nests located around the town, in the municipality. This data is evidence of a significant increase in the population of Yellow-eared Parrot.

This report comes after the IUCN lowered the threatened category of the Yellow-eared Parrot from Critically Endangered CR to Endangered EN in May.


The recovery of populations of this species is due to the numerous efforts in environmental research and education made by the Foundation ProAves during the 11-year project, which has successfully developed thanks to support from the community and various city agencies.

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