Fundación ProAves – por la conservación en el país de las aves


Juan Lázaro Toro
Director Of Conservation Strategies of the Fundación ProAves de Colombia

Juan Lázaro Toro is a Forest Engineer and has worked for 2 years at the Fundación ProAves de Colombia as Director Of Conservation Strategies.

He has a long history in the management and execution of projects on the knowledge, conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in Colombia. He has participated as main author or as co-author in 32 publications including books, newsletters and scientific articles on these topics. He worked for 21 years with the environmental authority CORANTIOQUIA, where he coordinated and developed several projects on the knowledge and conservation of biodiversity, the declaration, and management of regional protected areas, the propagation of native species, and the restoration of ecosystems in 80 municipalities of the department of Antioquia.