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Las Tangaras Nature Reserve launched

11 April, 2012


The reserve, established with the generous support of American Bird Conservancy, World Land Trust U.S. and World Land Trust U.K., covers an area of 7, 076 acres and is considered one of the Choco’s most important protected habitat corridors.

The reserve is an ideal destination for bird lovers, protecting the habitat of two key species of endemic and endangered birds: the Gold-ringed Tanager (Bangsia aureocincta) (EN) and The Black-and-Gold Tanager (Bangsia melanochlamys)(VU).

In addition, the reserve forests constitute the source of several importance streams for communities located in the lower part of the vereda Guaduas, as they are also tributaries of the Guaduas River, one of the main river basins of the municipality of Carmen de Atrato.

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Participants at the event included: Executive Director of ProAves, Dr. Lina Eugenia Daza; ProAves Director of Conservation, Luis Felipe Barrera, Mayor of the Municipality of Carmen de Atrato, Engineer Alexander Agudelo Echavarria accompanied by the First Lady of the municipality, a member of the board of directors of ProAves, officials from CODECHOCO, the National Police, councilors of the municipality of Carmen de Atrato, local government officials and Carmen community representatives.

Symbolically, the Mayor of the Municipality of Carmen de Atrato and the Executive Director of ProAves, cut the ribbon to the reserve welcoming the guests. The event featured some words from the Mayor, the Executive Director and Conservation Director who explained to guests the conservation objectives of ProAves, its programs and projects to be developed in the reserve, and also presented the reserve staff officially.

During the event an interagency agreement was signed between the town council of Carmen de Atrato and ProAves to produce 15,000 seedlings of native plant species, the agreement is aimed to reforest pasturelands, create living fences and enrich pastures for the next two years with support from the local community in the municipality.

The launch event was an opportunity to share conservation goals for the town and to socialize the reserve staff with the community; a total of 35 people attended the event that made ??a commitment to the conservation of forests in the municipality and the species that inhabit them.

Also, activities included a bird-watching hike where the participants were able to observe the biodiversity of the reserve and had the opportunity to see the Black-and-gold Tanager (Bangsia melanochlamys) (VU) which posed very close to the observers.

Finally, it is important to note that the people who took part in the event are allies in the conservation objectives of ProAves and actively participate in the processes developed in the reserve for the benefit of wildlife species that live there.

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