Fundación ProAves – por la conservación en el país de las aves

Nº 17 Birds of Colombia 2012

9 November, 2012



Fundación ProAves has publishes selected papers from the 17th volume of its scientific journal Conservación Colombiana. This edition includes no less than eight scientific papers discussing records of new bird species for Colombia, plus its now annual paper on revisions to Checklist of the Birds of Colombia.


Revision of the status of bird species occurring or reported in Colombia 2012. Thomas Donegan, Alonso Quevedo, Paul Salaman & Miles McMullan. Conservación Colombiana 17: 4 – 14. Download here

Vocal differentiation and conservation of Indigo-crowned Quail-Dove Geotrygon
purpurata. Thomas Donegan & Paul Salaman. Conservación Colombiana 17: 15 – 19. Download here

An apparent hybrid Heliodoxa hummingbird from the West Andes of Colombia. Thomas Donegan & Liliana Dávalos. Conservación Colombiana 17: 20 – 25. Download here

Two new bird species for Colombia from the department of Guainía. Alonso Quevedo & Juan Carlos Luna. Conservación Colombiana 17:26 – 27. Download here

New records of Forster’s Tern Sterna forsteri for Colombia. Forrest Rowland & Bernard Master. Conservación Colombiana 17:28 – 30. Download here

First photograph in its habitat and new sighting of the Santa Marta Wren Troglodytes monticola, a Critically Endangered species. Juan Carlos Luna & Alonso Quevedo Conservación Colombiana 17: 31 – 32. Download here

First record of Pacific Honero Furnarius (leucopus) cinnamomeus in Colombia. Juan Carlos Luna. Conservación Colombiana 17: 33 – 34. Download here

Records of two escaped species of parrots for Colombia. Oswaldo Cortés & Thomas Donegan. Conservación Colombiana 17: 35 -37. Download here

Corrigenda: Conservación Colombiana 15. Conservación Colombiana 17: 37. Download here

Note on the identification of Lesser Nighthawk Chordeiles acutipennis in northern
Colombia. Andrew R. Collins. Conservación Colombiana 17: 38 – 40. Download here

A new group name for the Chachalacas (Aves: Cracidae: Ortalis). Thomas Donegan. Conservación Colombiana 17: 41 – 44. Download here

First Record for the Black–and–white Tanager Conothraupis speculigera in Colombia. Yojanan Lobo–y–HenriquesJC, John Bates & David Willard. Conservación Colombiana 17: 45 -51. Dowload here

Instructions for authors. Conservación Colombiana 17: 52 – 54. Download here

Complete edition Download here