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New artificial nests for Fuertes’s Parrot

5 July, 2012


In 2010, 20 artificial nests were installed in the Natural Bird Reserve Giles-Fuertesi in order to study and preserve the Fuertes’s Parrot (Hapalopsittaca fuertesi) endemic and Critically Endangered.

During the first half of 2012, 12 artificial nests were located in the reserve, it was decided to install them in two different types of areas: first, in the interior of the forest looking for pristine conditions, and the second in the first few meters from the edge of the forest looking for the best light conditions. The installation was made between 5 and 8 meters in Guayaba trees that met the required height and diameter. It took into account a distribution of nests that were close together & others that were further apart.

Fuertes’s parrot (Hapalopsittaca fuertesi) habitat in the Giles Fuertes’s Parrot Bird Reserve.

These activities are expected to enhance and encourage the use of artificial nests by the Fuertes’s Parrot and thus gain new knowledge about the habitat preferences and breeding habits of the species to enable and enhance conservation actions.

Installation and relocation of artificial nests are still an immediate alternative to the limited supply of nests, meanwhile their habitat is being recovered, it is currently affected by different factors such as deforestation, agricultural activities and logging which have contributed to the diminishing supply of natural nests.

Installation of artificial nest.

Program adopt a nest

You can help prevent the extinction of a species of parrot in Colombia through the Adopt a nest Program, which is sponsoring the construction and installation of an artificial nest, its monitoring and maintenance for one year. You can support us through your donation online.

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