Fundación ProAves – por la conservación en el país de las aves


14 June, 2005


Objetivosa. To promote and realize actions that work towards the conservation of natural ecosystems.

b. To develop studies and investigations about distinct aspects of the biology and living environment of the birds of Colombia and promulgate these studies throughout the American continent.

c. To maintain a database on the bird populations in Colombia and the American continent.

d. To inform all education levels in the country and abroad about the importance of birds and their natural environments.

e. To encourage and establish national and international agreements for the protection and management of birds.

f. To promote the development of protection and conservation policies for birds and their habitats.

g. To develop educational programmes directed at the scientific community and the general population promoting the knowledge of basic biological aspects of birds and their habitats.

h. To promote the establishment of natural reserve areas in civil society and the awareness of incentives, including economic incentives, for the conservation of natural resources and sustainable development, in agreement with current legislation.