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Oustanding breeding succes for Yellow-eared Parrot

29 November, 2007


Wednesday 5 December 2007.

After eight years of work in Tolima, the Ognorhynchus Project has achieved in 2007 two unprecedented records: the finding of 52 Yellow-eared Parrot active nests in April, and of 132 chicks between May and June.


Yellow-eared Parakeet active nest.

The highest record of active nests in this project, which is supported by Loro Parque Fundación, had just been 25. This increase in the number of occupied nests is due to the current number of cavities in dead Quindío Wax Palm trees. Since it is thought that in time there will be a decrease in this opportunity, the project has focused its efforts on providing artificial nests for this species, as well as on the recuperation of its habitat through reforestation with Wax Palm trees.

In May there were chicks in 70% of the nests, and in the remaining 30% eggs were being hatched. Additionally, copulations were observed and prospective new nests were explored.


Yellow-eared Parakeet breeding area.

The findings were done by the project’s field assistants, who pointed out that the nests were found in eight nesting areas, which is good news for the conservation of this species, because it is an indication that it is exploring new areas. Compared to the last season, there was a forty percent increase in the number of active nests in the area, and there was a much higher food supply.

If you want to help prevent the extinction of one parrot species in Colombia, including the Yellow-eared Parrot, you can do it through the program Adopt a nest box, by sponsoring the construction and installation of an artificial nest and its monitoring and maintenance during a year.

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