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Paujil Bird Reserve expanded to 14,830 acres

21 February, 2011


Friday 12 November 2010.

Since the creation of the El Paujil Bird Reserve in November 2003, this reserve has ensured the perpetual protection of birds and their habitat in the unique and endangered Magdalena valley rainforest ecosystem. After eight years of gradually acquiring and protecting private properties that were either cleared of pastureland or about to be cleared, we have increased the reserve area to 14,830 acres by the end of 2010. (See map).

Thanks to the continued support of partners such as American Bird Conservancy, the World Land Trust-US, USFWS Wildlife without Borders (Critically Endangered Species Fund), Ted Riesling, Earth’s Birthday and The Rainforest Site, the expansion of the Reserve was successfully completed with 1,480 acres of forest and reforestation protected. Important populations of threatened species are saved, including the Blue-billed Curassow (Crax alberti) CR, the Magdalena Spider Monkey (Ateles hybridus) CR, the Spectacled Bear (Tremarctos ornatus) VU, the Colombian Tapir (Tapirus terrestris colombianus) VU and the Jaguar (Panthera onca) NT and other species.

ProAves continues to consolidate this area as one of the largest and most important areas within its protected area system so fulfills important guidelines for habitat conservation in the Serrania de las Quinchas, included within the strategic conservation plan where there are established objectives and methodology that lead to the perpetual protection of this important and vulnerable habitat and biodiversity.

Video Paujil in camera trap


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