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Paujil Festival 2009 – Saving the Blue-billed Curassow

8 March, 2011


Friday 9 October 2009.

“Understanding and protecting the Blue-billed Curassow”

The Festival is a dynamic and educational event where different activities like workshops, talks, tree planting days, dances, plays and painting designed to awaken the interest of the community about the understanding and the importance of the conservation of the Blue-billed Curassow, locally called the “Paujil de Pico Azul”.

Within the activities workshops on the making of masks & talks about the Paujil took place in which 303 people took part mainly boys and girls, they also made bracelets and cards in 3 workshops and a wall painting painted by the students from the Educational Institution Puerto Pinzón where the school children wanted to put over a message alluding to the conservation of the Paujil, for this reason they divided the wall painting in two, on one side they drew the positive aspects of the species environment and on the other they drew the species environment when it’s changed by man.


Wall painting done by the school children from the Educational Institution Puerto Pinzón.

With the holding of the Festival ProAves seeks to join the community of the area of influence of the RNA El Paujil directly in the conservation efforts of this species, to this end they made 4 visits of school children and teachers and they held an observation race, where the participants, by means of clues had to find an egg that Albertis (a Paujil de Pico Azul) had lost and give it in at the end of the race.

Closing of the Festival.

Finally the activities of the Festival ended with a parade in the municipality of Puerto Pinzón, in which all the participants and all the community mostly children and young people joined in.

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