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ProAves featured in Audubon Magazine

2 April, 2012


On a tour conducted around the towns of Jardín (Antioquia) and Roncesvalles (Tolima), the writer, accompanied by Ecuadorian nature photographer Paul Corral Vega and 3 ProAves biologists, describes the work done by ProAves since its founders rediscovered the parrot after it was believed extinct. The article also talks about the beginnings of the Yellow-eared Parrot Project supported by the Spanish foundation Loro Parque, and the first-ever research on the behavior of the species by ProAves.


Audubon Magazine cover article.

In 2001 the Reconcile with Nature Campaign was created to prevent the use of the Quindío Wax Palm in the religious celebration of Palm Sunday. The article also describes how this strong tradition nearly led to the extinction of the Yellow-eared Parrot and its favored Wax Palm, and how the tireless efforts of the co-founders of ProAves persuaded the Catholic Church to halt the use of the wax palm so that today we can tell the wonderful story of the recovery of one of the most charismatic species in Colombia.

Download the full article in pdf: Birds Parrot Sunday

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