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ProAves Reserves are destination for migratory birds

30 July, 2014


With 25 activities of ProAves in 7 municipalities and the Colombian capital, we celebrated the International Migratory Bird Day 2014.  The World Migratory Bird Organization recorded this year’s celebration, as the most successful in history with more than 400 events in 90 countries.

For this year’s campaign, World Migratory Bird Day in association with the World Tourism Organization (WTO) highlighted the importance of the mutually beneficial relationship between tourism and conservation. With the theme “Aerial Corridors: Migratory Birds and Tourism”, thousands of people gathered at events worldwide, from bird watching and great eco-tours, local art exhibitions, international birding conferences, all to celebrate migratory birds and the need for their conservation.

In Colombia, the foundation ProAves conducted various events with the aim of bringing the knowledge of Migratory Birds to the community and actions to protect them, such activities rang from field trips, art exhibitions, traditional games to radio programs, among others..



Through these initiatives in the area of environmental and biological education, inclusive processes arise, where the community, especially the educational, recognizes and appropriates part of each of the strategies that promote the conservation of this biological group in particular.

In Bogotá, with the support of Proárbol, Acueducto de Bogotá and the Secretaria Distrital de Ambiente, trips were performed around the Jaboque and Tibabuyes wetlands and Jardín Botánico de Bogotá,  we also participated in the Usaquén Environmental Festival led by Conservation International,  Usaquén Verde and Alcaldía Local de Usaquén; these were some of the programs directed from the capital for this important celebration, bearing in mind that in May we also celebrated the International Day of Biodiversity.

In the town of Jardín, Antioquia, 5 activities were conducted that gathered about 166 people, mostly children and young people . Among the activities include the  bird watching excursions, a radio program, circuit game about migratory  birds, Cinema in the Park and an ecological workshop.

In the village of Minca, Santa Marta, 6 ecological Migratory Birds workshops were performed: from Snow to Sun, Four Beautiful Migratory Birds, We’re not the Only Ones, Road Map and Migratory Ladder. These activities culminated in craftwork in El Campano, Vista Nieves, agroindustrial colleges of Minca, with about 180 participants, highlighting the birding workshop with the environmental group Friends of the Birds to the El Dorado Nature Reserve.



The activities in the town of Roncesvalles, Tolima, focused on traditional recreational games such as Ladder on Migratory Birds, Reach the bird, Lottery, Ladder, Find the Couple. Finishing in an evaluative manner, the participating children solved a word search. In Roncesvalles they were attended by 80 schoolchildren from Antonia Santos, Bruselas and el Coco schools.


 In Génova, Quindío, 4 activities were performed: a Field Trip to observe birds and an Exhibition at the Main Park with large format migratory birds painted by members of the environmental group Friends of Birds, a query type workshop where young people in the group could inquire about 2 of these species and culminating with  decorating the municipal library with the mural “Migratory Bird Month”. These activities gathered around 150 people.

In Cajamarca, Tolima, 2 Field bird watching took place in which 35 people participated.

In the town of Mapiripan, Meta held a drawing competition for migratory birds with students from Mapiripan Educational Headquarters of the town and a field trip for bird watching in which 20 children between 7 and 12 years old participated.

In San Vicente de Chucuri, Santander, two radio programs were performed, an a discussion on climate change with the support of Fundación Natura and workshops on solid waste recovery.

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