Fundación ProAves – por la conservación en el país de las aves

ProAves UK

31 August, 2009


ConsejoProAves Foundation (or ProAves UK) is the sister organization in the UK of Fundación ProAves. The main aim of ProAves Foundation is to support the work of Fundación ProAves, for example through fundraising and other initiatives.

Important work by ProAves Foundation to date has included:

- Fundraising and support for the purchase of various reserves in ProAves’ reserve network, particularly Pangan and El Dorado.

- Fundraising for various ProAves research programs and expeditions (e.g. EBA project).

- The establishment and operation of a ProAves Trust Fund for the costs of managing ProAves’ reserve network.

ProAves Foundation is a charitable trust registered in the UK with the Charities Commission (registered no. 1098530). Important details about ProAves Foundation are included in the Charity Commission’s website in the link above.

The trustees of ProAves Foundation are: Thomas Donegan, Robert Giles, Nigel Hughes, Mark Mulligan, Claire Salaman and Paul Salaman. Various of these persons are also on the Consejo de Directores of Fundación ProAves.

ProAves Foundation has no office in the UK. Its trustees are volunteers concerned at furthering the cause of conservation in Colombia.

If you pay income tax in the UK and would like to make a donation to ProAves, we are a member of the government’s gift aid scheme.

As a UK-registered Charity we are able to claim back the tax on all donations made by UK tax payers. At present the amount we receive is 22% (i.e. 28p extra for every £1.00 you donate). A form is available online.