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Pyrrhura p. subandina

18 April, 2007



The genre Pyrrhura is represented in Colombia by eight species: P. viridiaca, P. chapmani, P. souancei, P. pacifica, P. melanura, P. picta, P. calliptera and P. pantchenkoi. According to the IUCN most of these species are considered to be endangered because of its restricted geographical distribution and natural habitat destruction. In the expeditions conducted in recent years no sign of these species has been found in their typical locations and this suggests serious disturbances in the distribution of herds from the P. Subandean species. As well there is no information recorded in their natural history books and this illustrates the existing necessity to make bio-ecological studies and to design and implement a preservation plan that ensures the continuity of P. sub.

Last updated: Wednesday 18th April 2007

Álvarez Cárdenas, CD 2007. Distribution and current population status of the sub Pyrrhura p. in the Murrucucu Hill, the High Quimari and Jaraquiel, department of Córdoba.·Resume.