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Reconcile with Nature Campaign 2010

7 March, 2011


Wednesday 17 March 2010.

From 24 to 26 March the Campaign has as its motto: “Your future depends on what you do in the present, Reconcile with Nature” will be held across Colombia, in this, our 9th campaign with the aim that this Holy Week Colombians refrain from using palm fronds of the Wax Palm, and instead use live plants or maize leaves. (See the step-by-step guide to maize leaves)


On March 24 at 9 am the official launch of the campaign Reconcile with Nature will be held in the Ecological mountain Park Entre Nubes, where we will count on the participation of governmental and nongovernmental organizations, media, community members church and college studentsfriends of birds with whom we have been developing, educational lectures and recreational activities around the theme.

During the launch we will have a sample of the work which the Foundation has been developing during the last 9 years of campaigning, we will also have presentations from acting and music groups from Francisco José de Caldas College.

The campaign Reconcile with Nature is a nationwide activity which also extends to the municipalities of Jardín, Antioquia; Genova in the department of Quindío and Roncesvalles, Tolima, where the participation of more than 6,000 people in parades, processions, competitions, workshops, lectures, exhibits and other activities is expected.



The poster, that is part of the disclosure, is a work of art made by plastic artists and illustrators of the Paula Romero Fernando Laverde and Art Foundation and Conservation.

Invitation to Event


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Endangered Species

The yellow-eared parrot is an Andean parrot that depends on the Quindío Wax Palm tree from which it feeds and nests and roosts. Today it is the most endangered species of parrots threatened with extinction in Colombia, it is categorized as critically endangered (CR) by the IUCN as it has a restricted distribution and this makes it more vulnerable to the threats it faces. The Quindío Wax Palm, critically endangered, is cut down to adorn the churches and be carried as branches on Palm Sunday.

Results of the campaign and direct conservation activities

Throughout the eight versions made of the campaign interagency partnerships have been successfully established which has tended to concentrate efforts and strengthen the work of awareness in different regions of the country, with successful results that are reflected in the protection and conservation of two endangered species that are the centerpiece of this campaign. Moreover, it has achieved a gradual replacement of traditional Wax Palm branch by branches of maize husks or amero or alternative species like Iraca, Areca palm or live plants.

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Jardín, Antioquia


Roncesvalles, Tolima


Génova, Quindío