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Reforestation efforts underway in 228 farms

14 February, 2012


The main objective of the corridor is to restore habitat connectivity, ensure viable genetic exchange between populations and ecosystem conservation according to the characteristics of the land and its use. To date they have built living fences, windbreaks and shade for the coffee and cocoa crops. Pastures have been recovered whilst watershed protection and silvopastoral programs and agroforestry systems have been implemented.

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The Cerulean Warbler Conservation Corridor is located in the municipality of San Vicente de Chucuri (Santander), and covers an area 10 km long by 1 wide uniting the Natural Bird Reserves of the Cerulean Warbler (209 ha), located on the highlands of Yariguíes Pauxi pauxi Bird Reserve (1800 ha), located on the Cerro de la Paz. This corridor has been a great strategy for conservation and protects the habitat for threatened endemic species, and also the forests that at this time of year host many migratory birds from North America.

Another achievement that has been obtained in the corridor has been the implementation of sustainable farming alternatives (training – support – management), based on the search for native seeds, care and maintenance in the phases of germination, growth and development of seedlings, planting and monitoring, all in order to raise community awareness for the protection of the communities environmental resources.

Also, due to the implementation of the Esperanza Verde (Green Hope) nurseries in the Cerulean Warbler Reserve and cocoa plantations, in the Pauxi pauxi Bird Reserve, 62,976 trees have been produced so far! Reforestation has taken place on 228 farms interested in protecting their environment, these properties are located in the villages of: Germania Center sectors, Siberia and Morelia, Barro Amarillo, Cantarranas I and II, Matecacao, La Trinidad and Buenavista, El Cerro, El Cerrito, Palmira and Palestina.

ProAves projects promote and ensure a better habitat for these protected areas, at the same replacing unsustainable forestry practices that threaten environmental health in the region with sustainable and environmentally sound practices.

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