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Secret insights into the Blue-billed Curassow

21 February, 2011


Tuesday 19 May 2009.

Thanks to a trail camera installed near the headquarters of the El Paujil Nature Reserve, ProAves has graphically confirmed that the enigmatic, endemic and Critically Endangered Blue-billed Curassow, so difficult to be seen, not only visits trails in the vicinity of the house, but does so very often!!

“The photographic proof of the abundant presence of the Curassow (Paujil) in the reserve is an indication that the conservation processes carried out by ProAves in this place and its hinterland has benefited the species,” said Luis Gabriel Mosquera, Regional Director for Magdalena of ProAves Protected Areas.


Blue-billed Curassow.

The camaras were installed by ProAves on April 3 2009 in easily accessible trails near the reserve’s house. Within two days records of the Curassow were obtained!! The species had been photographed numerous times thereafter. The photographs correspond to at least one male and one female, and were conducted throughout the day (there are records from 6:00 AM until 5:26 PM), almost every day. This indicates a high recurrence of the species to this place.

“But with the reserve we have not only benefited the Blue-billed Curassow but all its associated biodiversity”, said Mosquera. “Proof of this is that the camera was also able to photograph, to our surprise, a puma (Puma concolor), which we have had only three visual records in the reserve but no photographs, and other mammals such as Zain (Pecari tajacu)“.

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Blue-billed Curassow

Blue-billed Curassow.